Sale date February 19th,2022

Make it a fun family weekend at The Ellensburg Rodeo Grounds. Sale will be held at the Western Village. If unable to attend, log on to to bid live.

Lot 71.JPG

Lot #71 CL7 Western Whistle 2046
M6 Fresh Whistle X LT Western Edge

Lot 76.JPG

Lot #76 CL7 Mr Merle 2111P
CL7 Air Moto X WR Wrangler

Lot 74.JPG

Lot #74 Rock Patriot 2052P
CL Reliable Rock  X  LT Patriot

Lot 83.JPG

Lot #83 CL7 Air Blues 2126P
CL7 Air Moto x LT Rhythm n Blues

IMG_6636.jpg ot 82.jpg
Lot 84.JPG

Lot #82 Mr Manning 2124P
CL7 Air Moto X NS All The Time

Lot #84 CL7 Mr Malone 2114P
G Wagon X M6 Bells n Whistles


Lot #243 Heifer CL7 Miss Maddie 2115P 
CL7 Air Moto X LT Bluegrass

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Here is a sample of the bulls sold in the 2020 Sale!

CL Pro-Force TW 1840 P



M6 The force x SF Miss Tanya



M6 Fresh Whistle X CL Miss Diamond Choice



CL Whistle Turton 1853P



CL Blue Force 1910P



CL Choice Whistle 1851P

M6 Fresh Whistle X TR MS Ablazen

CL Time Force 1916P

M6 The Force X CL Miss Time Wind

M6 The Force x CL Miss Blue Diamond